Lip Sync Throwndown

  • Spark Central 1214 West Summit Parkway Spokane, WA, 99201 United States
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Join the ranks of Milli Vanilla, Ashley Simpson, Jimmy Fallon and countless of other people who can't sing but look awesome pretending to. Create a team, choose a song, then come drop the mic (and your ca$h) in Spark Central's first ruthlessly competitive and desperately serious Lip Sync Throwdown. Or just come for the show, some post-competition dancing, River City brew, and pizza.

If you'd like to attend, but don't want to show off your mad lip sync skills, click here to purchase tickets. Each ticket includes one free drink, pizza, and snacks.

You want to compete? Whether you are a single performer or a boy band quartet, the entry fee is $40. To sign up, first reserve "free" tickets below for as many people who will be performing (you can have as many lip-syncers on stage as there are singers/rappers/human sound makers in your song). Then follow this link to sign up and set up a team page and fundraising goal.

If you are confused, don't stress! Email or give her a call at 509.279.0299 and she'll walk you through any difficulties.

All proceeds benefit Spark Central, a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to making sure income is never a barrier to creative learning opportunities and innovative technologies.