Igniting the creativity, innovation, and imagination necessary for people to forge the path to their best future.

Welcome aboard! At Spark Central, we believe that everyone, regardless of income, deserves access to creative learning opportunities and innovative technologies. That includes you!

Spark Central is a non-profit creative space where people of all ages can access high-speed Internet (1,000 Mbps), technology, rich and imaginative programming, and a curated book and media collection. Inspired by the West Central neighborhood's rail yard roots, Spark Central meets people at the junction of where they are and where they want to go, offering resources, connection, and support to those who need it most on their journey to a better future.

We foster creativity for adults, teens, and kids by providing learning experiences that explore the unlikely intersections between subjects, such as poetry and science or coding and character creation. Such experiences stretch the imagination, are the root of innovation, and develop the ability to problem-solve and think critically—skills essential to success in the Information Age, where the jobs of tomorrow haven’t been created yet. From learning to code to learning to write a story, we offer community members a one-way ticket to discovering their passion, building new skills, and growing the confidence needed for wherever they want to go.

Thanks to many generous donors, we are able to offer access to our resources and many of our programs at no charge and keep adult workshops affordable. Kids programs are always available at no cost because we believe that all children, regardless of income, deserve the chance to be imaginative, to play, and to find their inner genius.



Spark Central breaks the opportunity barrier.

We believe that everyone, regardless of income, deserves access to creative learning opportunities and innovative technologies. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, one-third of Spokane’s West Central residents live in poverty. Spark Central offers membership, youth programs, and community events at no charge so that everyone has the chance to explore visual and literary arts, engineering, and robotics and follow where their creativity leads.

Spark Central fills the achievement gap for low-income youth.

We often confuse giftedness with opportunity. High-income parents spend 85% more than low-income families on their children’s extracurricular enrichment. By 6th grade, youth born into poverty typically suffer a 6,000-hour learning gap. Spark Central stands in this gap with programs where youth across socioeconomic boundaries come together and learn without limitations.

Spark Central inspires tomorrow’s creative thinkers.

Schools’ high-stakes test prep comes at a steep cost to the arts and creative thinking. Many extracurricular programs are “pay-to-play,” so under-resourced youth miss out on chances to flex their creative muscles. At Spark Central, youth develop the problem-solving skills and the confidence needed for an ever-changing tomorrow.

Spark Central grows community connection.

By bringing people together for inspiring community events and creative learning activities, we invite volunteers, residents, teachers, and students to learn from and inspire one another. This community builds a sense of belonging, confidence, and ignites dialogue that benefits everyone.


We offer imaginative and innovative programs for all ages that center on creative junctions--coding and storytelling, for instance, or comic art and character creation. All of our programs have a unique twist you won't find anywhere else. 

These flagship programs will give you a taste of the many places Spark Central can take you.


We love our neighborhood, and while Spark Central is open to everyone of any age, we are especially proud to serve our West Central community and be an access point for the people who live close to us, providing access to CenturyLink high-speed Internet (1,000 mbps), technology and books, and a wide variety of educational programs designed to inspire. Many of our volunteers and most frequent patrons are West Central residents themselves.

A big thank you to our West Central partner organizations that make this neighborhood shine and offer access to needed resources and services.