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In our West Central Publishing Union field trip, third grade students depart on a two-hour storytelling adventure where they imagine characters, develop settings, and devise action-packed plots. The field trip culminates in each student receiving a personalized, bound book and the accomplishment of becoming a published writer.

Volunteers guide students in their writing experience, acting as encouraging tutors. Our resident editor, the unseen Penelope Bucket, and her stubborn sidekick hippopotamus, Snoz, interact with students and push their imaginative story-telling abilities.

Each class writes the first part of the story together, typed and illustrated in real-time by volunteers, before students write their endings individually and submit them for publication. Each student receives a bound book with the typed beginning, illustrations, and their own handwritten ending to share with their peers and parents. We hope that for each student, this experience is just the beginning of a long writing career.

We are currently ONLY working with third-grade classes at West Central elementary schools. If you are a third-grade teacher in West Central, use the link below to submit your request.




We are located at 1214 W. Summit Parkway; Spokane, WA 99201 in the Kendall Yards business district of West Central.


We work with teachers to find funding for school bussing if their school cannot afford to provide one. Please have buses pull up to our space on Summit Parkway. This is the ideal drop off and pick up location for a school bus. Field trips begin at 9AM sharp and end at 11AM, so please make sure your bus driver is well-informed and on-time.

How can I prepare my students for a field trip?

Once approved for a field trip, we will send you a Field Trip Primer with instructions and optional activities to do with your class (optional) both before and after the field trip.

Where can we eat lunch AS A CLASS?

We do not have an eating area or the means to accommodate your class post-field trip. Your students can eat lunch just down the street at The Nest public area in Kendall Yards, just to the west of the Kendall Yards Welcome Center (1335 W Summit Parkway). This area has grass, concrete steps, and is an ideal place for group games or a picnic.