Big Celebration!

Big Celebration!

We are so thrilled to announce that Spark Central has been awarded a $100,000 grant from Washington Women's Foundation. That means that more West Central families will have access to the creative enrichment programming that leads to brighter futures! We are beyond thrilled to continue to do this work.

A Little History

In our space, we have a beautiful decorative piece that fills up our walls above the computers. Several large paintings, placed side by side, make Spark Central colorful and interactive! This is something very unique and special to our space and worth paying a visit to see.


Did you know that they were created by a local artist here in Spokane? What about the history behind them? These paintings are awesome because they tell the story of the Spokane River, and a little bit about how Kendall Yards came to life. Yes– paintings CAN tell a story! The 30 different pieces start all the way back before mankind, expressed in the first painting titled Before Man. From there, paintings illustrating the first train, James Glover’s memorable life, and the creation of the railroad yards are a few of the visuals that continue this narrative.



Kay O’Rourke deserves all the credit for these amazing pieces of art, and we thank her for donating them to our space! We love being able to show them off to our visitors and talk about this unique way to learn about some Spokane history. It is much more rewarding to see the artwork in person, so come by and check them out!


Jr. Volunteers

We have officially kicked off our Jr. Volunteer program! Several kids come to our space regularly. Three kids in particular were chosen to be Junior Volunteers based on their awesome behavior and enthusiasm for creativity. After a couple of training sessions, they were excited and ready to begin their roles as younger volunteers. One girl started that night, and immediately began helping a group of young kids at the Maker’s station!

unnamed (1).jpg


What does this look like? We have an amazing group of volunteers that help out in the center every single day. However, we wanted to highlight some of the youth that regularly come to our space, and continually spark their creativity and imaginations. Through this program, they are to set great examples for the other kids in the space by taking on many roles. This includes conducting workshops, working with groups on specific projects, and anything else that the center needs help with! We are so appreciative of these Junior Volunteers and their commitment to making Spark Central a fun and creative place to learn!


Zine Spotlight

Zines are our collection of comics, poetry, or magazines, generally created by local authors and artists. They can be handmade, printed, or any other kind of creation you can think of!

We want to spotlight Stacey Mailer and Niah Ferlito, and take a look at their handmade Zine. They took a poem called “The Secretary Chant” by Marge Piercy, and put their own comic-book spin on it. Their artwork is amazing and is super fun to read! We love how this pocket-sized comic book shows their creative interpretation of the poem.


Are you interested in creating your very own Zine? Come share your creativity with us! We would love to offer your work for others to read and enjoy. Huge thank you to these  authors for sharing their work with Spark Central!