Creature Congress: The First Annual Spark-o-ween

"I love halrwen / halloween / anghost an / anbas/ anpucis."

That's a poem written by a young vampire on our haunted typewriter at the first annual Sparkoween. For a few hours on the Saturday afternoon before Halloween, kids and parents gathered en masse to try their hand at some of the inventive toys we have available at Spark Central. You may not think of a typewriter as a toy, but the kids who spent ages searching the big machine for the "h," then the "a," then the "l," and so on — then illustrating their literary work—would disagree. 

At the table next to the haunted typewriter, kids frenetically charted out obstacle courses in black, red, green and blue. They couldn't wait to see an Ozobot (a little robot designed to teach coding skills) dressed in a monster outfit trace their course and follow the commands it read from color patterns on the course. 

Two mad scientists (volunteers Phil and Shawndra) experimented on an innocent Jack-o-Lantern, who spewed neon-green radioactive barf all over the parking lot. Poor fella. Our resident Vampire Architect (volunteer Mark Simonds) led a crew of Lego builders—cats, superheroes and other usual suspects—in constructing a variety of spooky mansions. 

The most inspiring creation of the day wasn't brewed up by our scientists or planned by our fanged architect; one of our regular patrons came up with it on his own. The young man spent the better part of the event deeply focused on his work.


This morning, volunteers Piper and Chris went to work creating an updated set of letters, drawing from the style of the original and adding their own multi-colored flair to their design. Can you tell what they're spelling out?