Little Boxes of Innovation

We love sitting down with a project. You know that feeling when you've gathered your supplies, created some time and space, then you settle in and let your imagination loose? That feeling is why we created Little Boxes.

Little Boxes are part of a fundraising campaign to spread the word and work of Spark Central, and create something awesome in the process. In each box, you will find everything you need to complete a small project. There are three different boxes: Picture Power, Tiny Dancer, and Your Story Here.

Picture Power is a comic strip creation kit, complete with the same pens and paper used by professionals.

The Tiny Dancer Box has supplies to make a basic homopolar motor to spin a "tiny dancer" made from copper wire. 

This is a Tiny Dancer! It's a homopolar motor, built with super-strong neodymium magnets, an AA battery and some copper wire.

Your Story Here is a mini-zine self-publishing kit full of everything you need to share a passion or story of your own.

They're $18 each and make a perfect stocking stuffer or holiday gift. You can do these solo or in collaboration and they're appropriate for kids and adults alike. And all proceeds go to support imagination, creativity, and innovation for all! We're so excited about these little gems. Come in and snag one while they last!