Humans Who Code


If you don't know how to write computer code, chances are you've also got a bulletproof list of reasons you could never learn. Perhaps it's that coding is just for young people. If you're a girl or woman, maybe you've always thought of it as a 'guy thing.' 

The truth is, coding is for everyone — and in this increasingly digital world, it helps to know the basics of coding in pretty much any field of work. More importantly, learning to wrangle the pixels on a computer screen and make robots follow your orders opens infinite creative possibilities. Yep — despite the cubicle-bound image that comes to mind, coding is loads of fun! 

This spring, we offered a new workshop Hour of Code for Adults. We've offered this course to elementary school kids for more than a year and seen many kids grow confident in their ability to code. To our delight, adults loved the game-like learning experience just as much as kids do. 

Just like learning to write or draw, learning to code starts with the basics — and pretty much anyone can get the hang of it with a little practice. Wanna give it a shot? Follow this link to a basic exercise!  

Coming up in June, we're hosting a Creative Coding workshop designed for adults and teens (16+) who are new to computer coding and want to begin making digital art. Sign up here!