Filling Those Long Summer Days with Play


Summer is in full swing and we're busy at Spark with a joyful influx of kids who are trying to fill those long summer days with as much happiness as they can. Not only do we have a smattering of awesome scheduled programs, we have drop-in hours and drop-in programs for those of you who like to take summer as a chance to fly by the seat of your pants.

Many parents are worried about the dreaded summertime learning lapse. But before you go filling up all those hours, maybe this summer you can embrace the importance of time to play. When kids engage in both structured and unstructured play, they are also working on emotional tolerance, social skills, and team buildingskills that are vital to success in an ever-connected world. Our drop-in center and structured programs are all centered around play.

Play if different for everyone. For some people, playing is about reading, imagining strange and exciting worlds. For some it's building forts and for others it's building a robot. You can do all those things at Spark—just take a look at of our patrons below. They're learning, connecting with each other, and having a great time. Sounds like a nice way to spend summer! You'll notice that there are kids and adults in the photos below. That's because we have opportunities for people of all ages to play! We believe everyone deserves to be part of the Creativity Club.

Our hours have be changing a little bit, so you can sleep in and stay out later; we'll open at 11 and stay open until 7.

We also want to take this chance to thank Kalispel Tribe and Northern Quest Casino for supporting youth programs, like Fort Party, which is featured in the middle top row of photos. It is in part due to their support that we are able to offer youth programming at no cost and we are ever grateful!