Let's Get Together!


Few things represent the limitless possibility of creativity than a bin full of Legos. I mean, you could create practically anything. People make life-sized models of animals and humans! People create castles, and space ships, and even interpretations of the Mona Lisa! Am I the only one feeling a little overwhelmed? 

Well, one of the cool things we do around here is make creative opportunities a little less daunting. And one way we do that is through low-pressure drop-in programs, like last week's Invention Connection. During it, kids came and built robots, created sound making machines with play-dough and electronics, made Ozobots heed their commands with basic coding, and played with Legos. There is something about being surrounded by other people who are eager (and maybe a little scared) to dip their hands into a bin full of possibility that helps you let go of your inhibitions and let the ideas and experimentation flow. The worst thing that can happen is that you make something weird that doesn't work. Then you just start over! And when you see the person next to you trying and failing, you see it can actually be to make mistakes.

That's one reason why we're big fans of collaborative learning in all things, especially STEM fields. We are so thankful to have supporters for our STEM programming, like Avista Foundation. Avista believes in making sure everyone has access to STEM opportunity, just like we do, and they've granted us a $1,000 this year to contribute to our STEM programming. Thanks for helping keep our youth programs available at no cost, Avista!