Squishy Electricity!

Did you know you can use Play-Doh to turn on a light? What about paper to make a buzzer sound? On March 31st, Spark Central conducted an electrical circuit activity at the West Central Easter Carnival. About 70 youth participated in their own, personal creation of electricity, whether it was Play-Doh, or the more challenging task, paper. Using these materials, the kids accomplished a project that they had no idea was possible. Taking mundane objects and powering electricity is so innovative, and it opens kids’ eyes to the possibilities outside the norm!


Here at Spark Central, we love introducing youth to the ways creativity can work in all aspects of life! Something like science can be manipulated in all kinds of ways, like creating electricity. One young man said “It’s so cool that I can use science to be creative!” Being able to do a project like this one shows youth that they can further their innovation in all areas of interest or studies, and will help kids find what they’re really passionate about!

A huge thank you to Immanuel Church and Holmes Elementary for hosting the carnival and for letting us attend and share our activity!