A Little History

In our space, we have a beautiful decorative piece that fills up our walls above the computers. Several large paintings, placed side by side, make Spark Central colorful and interactive! This is something very unique and special to our space and worth paying a visit to see.


Did you know that they were created by a local artist here in Spokane? What about the history behind them? These paintings are awesome because they tell the story of the Spokane River, and a little bit about how Kendall Yards came to life. Yes– paintings CAN tell a story! The 30 different pieces start all the way back before mankind, expressed in the first painting titled Before Man. From there, paintings illustrating the first train, James Glover’s memorable life, and the creation of the railroad yards are a few of the visuals that continue this narrative.



Kay O’Rourke deserves all the credit for these amazing pieces of art, and we thank her for donating them to our space! We love being able to show them off to our visitors and talk about this unique way to learn about some Spokane history. It is much more rewarding to see the artwork in person, so come by and check them out!