Supporter Spotlight

Big thanks to our Sponsors!

It takes a lot to make a nonprofit engine run, including lots and lots of volunteers, generous individual donors, grants, and sponsors. Every day we get to meet and work with big-hearted people who believe, like we do, that everyone deserves the chance to discover the creative power needed to thrive. They all show up to remove the barriers that stand in the way of people having the opportunity to create, innovate, and imagine their way to brighter futures.

One day, a couple of our youth patrons saw the STCU logo next to Maker Station and asked, "Why is that bank's logo up there?" Our AARP employee, Alice, explained the role sponsors play in making a nonprofit run. They thought the fact these big, successful businesses give back to their communities was pretty cool and without prompting made this beautiful, colorful sign. 

From us, and all our patrons, THANK YOU to all our generous sponsors. Check out the list here!

Spark Salon, a Smashing Success!

Spark Salon, a Smashing Success!

Although we all loved listening to Robyn and Rand share their stories of how their creative paths evolved, everyone's favorite part of the evening was a tie: either when the Girls Rock Lab band Unifoxes rocked our socks off or when three budding game designers presented their story-based video game ideas to our video-game-giant guests.

Not only was it a fun chance to share our mission with a supportive crowd, we raised $46,000, blowing away our goal of 40,000! Huge thanks to everyone who showed up, our superstar volunteers, as well as our generous sponsors. What a great start to the year! Let's keep working together to ignite the creativity, innovation and imagination necessary to help people forge paths to brighter futures! 

Possibilities available at our Maker Station

Do you like making stuff? Of course you do! That's one thing all Spark patrons have in common. Whether it's a story, a robot, a light-up card, or a screen-printed t-shirt, we're all about creating. And we have the place for you to do just that: the Maker Station, generously sponsored by Spokane Teacher's Credit Union.  STCU is a huge supporter of education in our community and we are so fortunate to have them as a partner. We work rely on funding from donors, grants, and sponsors like STCU to bring our programming and creative space to you at no to little cost. Thank you, STCU!


Although we are in the making business partially for the fun of it, we also love imagining a future of creators. This article from The Guardian has it right when they say, "If we want a world full of innovative, entrepreneurial thinkers, we need to enable and sustain making from a very young age." 

So adults and kids alike, come in this week and make something to take home. Looking for ideas? Check out the quick video tour of our Maker Station below. And if you'd like to show the world that you're a Maker, we have awesome "I Make Stuff" stickers for sale in our store and in the center!