Volunteer Update

Someone Wants to Help!

"Someone wants to help!" my inbox tells me. It's an email from Volunteer Match, one of the many channels we use to recruit the volunteers on whom we so heavily rely.

It can be easy to watch the news or take in our social media stories and come away dismayed about division and uncertainty in the world. So when that message pings up, especially during tough times, it's a reminder of the goodness of people (and I do a little dance each time!). 

I've been very lucky to get to know all of the great volunteers who take care of our Station from day to day, who pour wine and answer questions at events, who teach and share their skills with our community every day. They are all so different: artists and educators, neighbors and parents, students and retirees. But something binds them all into a special category. Back to that in a second. 

Have you heard what Mr. Rogers says about times of crisis? Well here he is, in his own words. His own mother's words, at least. 

I can think of few better luminaries for our work at Spark Central than Fred Rogers. His focus on play, on imagination, and on caring for each other mirror our work here in so many ways. Wasn't it great to see an adult playing with puppets? Being curious about the world? Asking questions to children about the funny ways of the grown up world that make the grown ups watching think, too? Which brings me back to our volunteer crew--they're all helpers! 

So keep those emails coming, helpers. If you're looking for a Mr. Rogers approved way to help in our community, our next volunteer orientation is Tuesday, Nov. 22nd at 6:00 PM. And here's a little photo thank you note to some of our incredible team.