As if LEGO bricks could get any cooler... come Mindstorm LEGO Robotics! Here at Spark, we've only had one Mindstorm set to work with. And one is awesome, but it also came with some limitations — if someone wanted to build a robot, they couldn’t really save their work since they had to put it back for the next person. We dreamed of a room full of people working on Mindstorm projects, working together to build and program their inventions. We asked our local Rotary 21 to help us make that vision a reality — and they did! Thanks to their generosity, we now have six new Mindstorm kits!

What does this mean for you, creative super-patrons? For one, it means a lucky 15 elementary school students (sorry, the playshop is already full!) get to take part in our first ever Spring Break Mindstorm Camp next week. After that, you are welcome to come in and build a robotic spider, scorpion, snake, or, you know, robot. We'll offer a second Mindstorm camp in July — stay tuned for dates. And that’s just to get you started. Check out this awesome bridge:

Big thanks to Rotary 21 for supporting creative learning in STEM!