Youth Programs

Free for all youth thanks to community support!

Our youth programs use hands-on "creative play" projects to equip young people with the skills they need to succeed — the confidence to explore new ideas, the tools to solve problems and adapt to new challenges, and the innovative spirit to envision new possibilities for their future. 

Some youth programs have limited spots — so if you see "registration required," follow the link to sign up for free! All other programs are open to everyone, no registration needed.

Level Up Creativity.png

Tuesdays Through Fridays Starting July 5  ·  2 - 4 PM

Grades 1+ · Join us during the summer for daily activities to ignite your creativity, innovation and imagination with science, writing and art projects! Earn points to "level up" as you complete projects and learn new skills, working towards an end-of-Summer celebration of your creativity and accomplishments.

This program is free thanks to community support!