In Lesson 2, you will learn how to create an electronic record for a new member and the steps in processing a new membership.

Becoming a member is a simple process - all visitors need to do is fill out a form and provide us with an email address.  It's simple, quick and gives access to all of the various programs and resources that Spark Central offers (some programs may carry restrictions).  Best of all - it's free! 

Membership forms can be filled out online or in-person.  You will find paper forms in the clear plastic holder behind the computer terminal at the Volunteer Station.  Additional forms are located on the Volunteer bulletin board across from the sink.  Once visitors have filled out the form, you are ready to begin the process of creating their electronic record.  The tutorial below will give you a step-by-step overview.  The Quick Reference guide is useful if you just want to remind yourself of a certain part of the process without having to watch the video.


Tutorial 2 - Creating an Electronic Record for a New Member:


The following link will take you to a live version of the Spark Central Librarika database.  Log in to the database using the following information (Hint - open the library database in a separate browser tab or window so that you can switch back and forth between the Librarika system and the instructions for the activity below):

Spark-Central Library link: https://myspark.librarika.com/users/login

User Name: library@sparkwestcentral.org

Password: creativecrossing



>Navigate to the CIRCULATIONS page using the menu tabs that are found in the blue menu bar at the top of the page (note - the database may automatically open to this page - if so, you can skip this step).

>On the CIRCULATIONS page, hover over the CIRCULATIONS tab and click on the MEMBERS field in the drop down menu

>Click on the ADD NEW MEMBER button (white button on left side of page under Members section)

>Fill in the fields in the dialogue box that appears.  Use your own or fictitious information but DO NOT HIT SUBMIT - THIS IS FOR PRACTICE ONLY!!! 

>Use the values listed below for the following  fields (most of the fields are automatically populated with these values, so you will just need to leave them as is)

Booking Quota = Quota (default value)

Type = Regular (default value)

Member Group = Adult or Child (as appropriate)

Status = Active (default value)

>In a non-practice situation, you would write the Member No from the first field on the paper membership form before submitting - however, as this is a practice exercise, DO NOT HIT SUBMIT - instead you can use your browser's back button or the BACK TO MEMBERS button to exit the system.  If you like, you can try doing the activity again without using the instructions.

>To complete the exercise, you will need to LOG OUT of the Librarika system.  You can do this by hovering on the Spark logo on the top right of the page and then clicking on the logout field that you will see at the bottom of the menu that appears.