lesson 1 - Recording Resource Use:

Checking out resources for members is one of the tasks you will perform most frequently during the course of your "Station" shift.  Spark Central uses the Open Source Librarika system to record items within their library and to monitor use of these items by members.  The following tutorial will walk you through the process of checking out and then returning a resource for a member. 


Tutorial 1 - Checking Out & Returning Resources:

Tutorial 1 - Quick Reference Guides:

  1. Quick Reference Guide - Checking Out a Resource

  2. Quick Reference Guide - Returning a Resource


Computer/Electronic Device Sign Out Procedure:

In addition to recording computer/device (wall, laptop, tablet, etc.) use in the library database, you will also need to note the use  of these resources on the sign-out peg board located on the back wall of the volunteer station.  You can do this by moving the peg to the 'out' position on the board.  For younger children there is a two-hour limit on computer/device use so you will also need to note the end time on the board using a white board marker.  When visitors are finished using the computer/device, just move the peg back to the 'in' position, erase any notes, and sign the device back in on the library database.  

Practice Activity:

The following link will take you to a live version of the Spark Central Librarika database.  Log in to the database using the following information:

Spark-Central Library link: https://myspark.librarika.com/users/login

User Name: library@sparkwestcentral.org

Password: creativecrossing

Using the member information below (or your own, if you already have one), sign out one of the resources from the following list.  Complete the activity by checking that same resource back into the library.  If you have any problems checking resources in or out, review the video tutorial or quick reference guides for assistance. Remember to LOG OUT of the Librarika database when you are finished.  You can do this by hovering on the Spark logo on the top right of the page and then clicking on the logout field that you will see at the bottom of the menu that appears.

Member Name (Number):  

Donald Duck (membership #2347)

Resource List:

1.) Mickey and Goofy Down Under: An Adventure in Australia (Accession No: 2152)

2.) Zen Shorts (Accession No: 2861)