Module 1: Volunteer Roles & Responsibilities

As a Spark Central Station Volunteer, you play a huge role in communicating the organization’s mission to visitors and in creating a safe and welcoming environment in which community members can explore emerging technologies, build new skills, and gain confidence in their creative abilities. 

Volunteer Station.jpg

During this first module, you will work through of a series of individual lessons, each focused on a different aspect of the role of  Station Volunteer.  An overview of the different volunteer tasks and responsibilities is provided below.

In your role as a Station Volunteer, you will:

  • Greet and welcome patrons to the center

  • Explain to prospective patrons the organization’s mission and how it aligns with the resources/programming provided

  • Explain the different areas of the center and the various resources available

  • Check out and return resources for patrons

  • Assist with set up of the resources where requested

  • Encourage use and/or experimentation with the available technologies/technology kits

  • Explain and process membership applications

  • Respond to visitor inquiries

  • Refer inquiries to staff as appropriate (determining the method of referral and the staff member to whom it should be directed)

  • Decide how to handle situations with patrons and when to directly involve staff members

  • Follow outlined procedures for opening and closing the facility

  • Assist in keeping the facility clean and the equipment in good working order

  • Participate in additional volunteer tasks as needed/requested by staff