Should Holmes Have Class Pets?

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Do allergies mean class pets are a thing of the past?

Holmes Elementary

I think they’re cute. Mrs. Fracz says that we don’t have class pets because some kids have allergies to some animals. But if we asked all the students if they have any allergies, the class could have that class pet.

You’re probably wondering, “Well, what if kids need to come in the class for a group or something?” Here’s the idea: We get special gloves and mask.

You might be thinking, “Well, kids don’t want to be wearing masks and gloves all day.” Well, they probably won’t be staying in that class all day if they’re not in that class. But, if for any reason they have to, we could have special memory foam masks and soft gloves.

If there’s going to be a new kid and he or she has allergies, here’s what we do: So, we’ll have a packet for the parents or guardians to fill out on what the kid is allergic to…if the kid or kids are allergic to anything. To make sure the pet doesn’t get sick have the sort-of-sick kids out of that room!