In the Eyes of a Sixth Grader


Sixth graders overcome distraction and other challenges to make the most of their final year at Holmes

Holmes Elementary

Last year, sixth graders were a lot like us — but crazier. This year, we are doing a little bit better.

We are still crazy. We still have a few problems such as slime, talking, recess and bullying. There are two sixth grade classes and I’m part of one: Ms. Dietrich’s class has a lot of talking — it happens almost all the time. Mr. Eide’s classroom has a little talking, but not so much. If there is a  lot of talking he goes like this: “A little talk, a little work!” 

So far, we have been doing good. But when we aren’t in the mood or we are bored, we go and talk to our friends. Sometimes you can get in trouble. But when we can take our time to learn something, we can have a party or get a treat to celebrate.