Profile: Mrs. Lundberg

Holmes Elementary principal Mrs. Lundberg on hobbies, family and life before Holmes

Mrs. Lunberg

Holmes Elementary

Have you ever wondered who Mrs. Lundberg’s boss is? How about if she ever got school detention when she was in Elementary school, or where she lived when she was younger? Keep reading to find out! 

Mrs. Lundberg said when she was younger she wanted to be a dolphin trainer at Sea World or Behavior Intervention Specialist, a person who wants to help kids succeed in the classroom. It took seven years of college to become our principal today! She was a principal for four years, one year at an Elementary school in Medical Lake and three years at Holmes. 

An everyday problem that Mrs. Lundberg run’s into are mad kids. Her favorite hobbies are skiing, running, golfing, hiking, and spending time with friends and family. Mrs. Lundberg’s favorite games are Bounce Off and Speak Out. 

Mrs. Lundberg’s boss is Jennifer Keck, the area director. Mrs. Lundberg loves a movie called “The Goonies.” Her favorite food is sushi. Her birthday is June 23rd. 

Mrs. Lundberg has two kids and a husband. She has never gotten in big trouble at school (because her parents worked there so she was scared to get in trouble.) Mrs. Lundberg went to two different colleges, Eastern Washington University and Washington State University.

She was born in Spokane. She lived in Germany from when she was one year old to when she was 12 years old. Mrs. Lundberg has lived in Spokane a total of 24 years. Her “frumpy” outfit is old sweat pants, a tank top, and an old pair of slippers. 

If you ever participated in Cross Country, you have something in common with Mrs. Lundberg. She was in Cross Country when she was in high school. She colored her hair royal blue to honor her Cross Country team. 

Mrs. Lundberg was only sent to the principal’s office as an eye witness for something (I know, kind of a letdown). Mrs. Lundberg has a best friend just like all of us, her name is Allyson. 

She and Allyson have been best friends for 22 years. Mrs. Lundberg failed a big college biology exam. Mrs. Lundberg’s favorite color is green (I know, so surprising!). Her favorite word is “Awesome!”