Tech Reviews


Little Bits

Holmes Elementary

They make a bunch of noise. They are tiny and they are like LEGOs. There are buttons and stuff on the bits. They are called Little Bits. They are for ages eight and up. They are fun but annoying. They are powered by A battery. The little pieces come in a box that is yellow, black, gray and clear. You can make a bunch of inventions. □



Holmes Elementary

I reviewed Ozobots — I don’t know why they’re called that. Ozobots are fun to play with. What you’re supposed to do is draw thick marker lines (black, blue, green and red) for the robots to follow. And, you can put headbands on them, which is cool. 




Nya & Kristeena
Holmes Elementary

It’s very hard to control the MiPosaur. You can do hand motions and tell it what to do. You can also control it with an orb controller. He looks like a dinosaur — a T-Rex or something — and he looks really cute! He is very wierd, just like me. □