Become a member if you want to check out a book, use our technology, and take full advantages of the services offered at Spark Central.  Membership is complimentary.


1. Complete our Membership Application using the form below or drop by Spark Central to fill out one in person with your photo ID (or a guardian if you are under 18). Note that you will need an email address to become a member. If you don't have one, we'll help you set one up at GmailYahoo, or Outlook.

2. After we process your Membership Form, you will receive a confirmation email from Librarika, our catalogue system. You must confirm your subscription to complete your membership!

3. The next time you stop by Spark Central, tell us that you signed up for a membership and we'll create your Spark Central membership card.

Remember that it may take us a few days to process online memberships. If you're in a hurry, we suggest coming in to Spark Central and completing the application in person.



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Your card allows you to borrow Spark Central materials, use Spark Central technology, or use Spark’s available services. Card must be presented for service. Cards are not transferable to any other person.  Failure to follow the rules or regulations regarding the card or use of Spark Central space may result in suspension of services. Fines and fees from overdue or damaged materials totaling $5.00 or more per responsible party (responsibility for minors residing with parent or guardian) will cause the inactivation of borrowing privileges. Privileges will resume when fines and fees have been paid.
Unattended Children Policy *
Spark Central holds parents/guardians or care providers responsible for the safety and security of their children while visiting. Neither Spark Central nor the programming offered by Spark Central for children is intended to take the place of care and supervision by a parent or caregiver. Spark Central allows children over the age of 8 to be in the center without parent supervision. We ask that children 8 years or younger be accompanied by a parent or caregiver over the age of 14. If an unaccompanied child is in need of assistance that the Spark Central staff and volunteers do not or cannot provide, is disruptive to other patrons, or is at-risk, a staff member will first contact the child’s parents. If the staff member cannot reach the child’s parents they will then contact the necessary authorities.
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1. Spark Central computing devices are not to be removed from Spark Central or taken into the bathroom. 2. Computing devices may be borrowed for up to two hours and then must be returned. Renewal for an additional two hours is an option if there is not a queue for the device. 3. No illegal (harassment, libeling or slandering, destruction or damage, disruption or unauthorized monitoring or interference, unauthorized copying of copyrighted material, or viewing or downloading of pornography). 4. Spark Central staff and volunteers have the authority and duty to enforce equitable and fair access to all computing facilities at Spark. 5. Spark Central staff and volunteers are generally trained computer instructors. Patrons are responsible for their own use of public access computers. 6. Parents are responsible for monitoring and guiding use of station computers for their children. 7. Patrons are only authorized to access the “Spark Central” patron login and are prohibited from downloading software or other programs onto center computers. Flash drives are available for check-out. 8. There are charges for using the copier/printer. See sign at our help desk for rates. See staff or volunteer in charge for assistance.
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