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ARTIST TRUST PRESENTS: Photographing Your Work Samples: The Specs + Tech

ARTIST TRUST PRESENTS: Photographing Your Work Samples: The Specs + Tech

Set your portfolio apart from the rest! This three hour-long course covers how to best photograph your work, from lighting to color balance, and final presentation. Topics include camera and lens selection, as well as, file formatting, archiving, and other Photoshop essentials. 

Participants should bring a piece of artwork, if they like, for photographing, and laptop with Adobe Photoshop, if possible.

About the Teacher | Jesse Swanson supports the Spokane community by helping artists achieve success through technical and professional assistance. Swanson has worked with several area arts organizations, including Terrain, Spokane Falls Community College, and the Richmond Art Collective. Jesse operates Magicraftsman Printing, a fine art reproduction and print center, and Hatch, a Spokane Valley creative business incubator that provides workspace to over 20 creative professionals.

ABOUT THE ARTIST TRUST |  provides Washington State artists of all creative disciplines the necessary support to launch and sustain successful careers, through financial grants, career training and professional resources. Artist Trust raises funds from a variety of sources in order to give financial grants, through a peer review process, to individual artists working across disciplines, and as a professional information resource.  Through its programs, Artist Trust provides recognition and support for the contributions artists make to the lives of people of Washington State and encourages artists to support one other.