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Pivot Story Slam: Lesson Learned


Thu Sep 20  ·  7:30 pm

Pivot, a live storytelling series in Spokane, invites you to an open mic story slam with the theme "Lesson Learned."

Are you eager to tell a story of your own? Community members are invited to tell a true story from their own lives (up to 5 minutes long) in front of an audience. If you'd like to tell a story, show up a little early to throw your name in a hat, and as many storytellers as time allows will have an opportunity to share. 


Anyone can perform. Just bring a story that's five minutes long at most. A gentle warning will sound after five minutes have elapsed.

Your story must be true, personal, and related at least peripherally to the theme. It should have a beginning, middle and an end — and a point. Be sure to express why the experience was meaningful for you. 

No notes allowed! It's best to rehearse the entire piece several times before performing. Pro tip: Memorizing the beginning and the ending sentences of your story helps with confidence and focus.


  1. Pick a story you love. 

  2. Tell it to several different people to gauge interest.

  3. Identify what makes your story interesting and meaningful. Ask yourself: How did this experience change me? Include places for self-reflection in your story. How is this story universal? What larger themes does my story touch upon?

  4. Cut to the chase. Don’t be afraid to get into the emotional meat of your story right away — you don't need to include a preface or introduction. The audience will always be very supportive, so there’s no need to warm them up.

  5. Bring your story to life. Does your story have details that make the story more vivid? Add them.

  6. Edit. Pare the story down to an outline with a clear beginning (may tie into the theme), several plot points or turning points in the middle, and a clear ending (that resolves the story) including the final line of your story.

Our aim is to bring our community together, so the content and language of your story should affirm the equality, humanity, and dignity of your story's subjects and those in the audience. Your content should be appropriate for audience members of all ages. 

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