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SPPC: Nerd Craft Night School RPG Worldbuilding


SPPC at Spark Central

6 Sessions - Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6:30 to 9:30 - From 08/13 to 08/29

This 3-week journey into the depths of nerdiness will explore the many ways to bring your tabletop role playing world to life. You’ll explore the mechanics of character creation and practice world building exercises and techniques. Learn about branching and improvisational narratives, map and monster creation, and much more! You’ll walk away with a prototype player’s handbook, a rough guide to your RPG world, and everything you’ll need to know to build an effective, immersive, and fun role playing game! All materials will be provided.

Your instructors:

Thom Caraway: Thom began role-playing in the 80s. He remembers when AD&D 2nd edition came out. He understands THAC0. He's been building game-worlds since 1993 and is currently at work on a novel set in one of those worlds. His favorite D&D campaign settings are a toss-up between Dark Sun and Planescape. He's also a big fan of the L5R RPG and 7th Sea. He teaches editing, creative writing, and a seminar on J.R.R. Tolkien at Whitworth University.

Derrick Freeland: Derrick is the publisher and editor of Bottlecrow Publications, Spokane Sequential, and the creator of Pater Asteri.

Dorian Karahalios: Dorian is an avid gamer, from video games and board games to tabletop RPG and social icebreakers (okay, that last one is a lie). He was Lead Writer for the indie video game SanctuaryRPG and has been GMing in Pathfinder and the Cypher System for several years.

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