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Hair of the Dog: Zodiac Poetry with Willow Springs Books


THU SEP 13  ·  7 - 9 PM

Join Willow Springs Books for a generative poetry workshop centered on the dog within. Thanks to a Spokane Arts Grant Award, participants will have the opportunity to have their poems published next to nationally recognized poets in Volume II of the Zodiac Poetry Series Hair of the Dog, in an online pop-up magazine, and in SCRAPS dog adoption ads. Sign up online.

Hair of the dog—the best cure for what ails us is to have more of it. Even outside of this context, dogs seem to represent ourselves in excess, our best and worst, most over the top, heart-on-our-sleeves versions. The selves that run wild, yet wait patiently, that pull children out of wells, only to turn around and piddle on the carpet. We too slobber, guard, whine, and snuggle. In our own human ways, we fetch without exemption, lick without discernment, wag our tails from happiness, and gnaw on bones for hours. As George Clinton sings in “Atomic Dog,” “There’s nothin but the dog in me.”


Willow Springs Books is a literary teaching press housed in Eastern Washington University’s MFA program. Under the direction of poet Christopher Howell, students have the opportunity to engage with all aspects of the publishing process. Each year we publish a collection of short fiction selected from our Spokane Prize for Short Fiction, as well as a poetry chapbook in the American Surrealist tradition under the auspices of the ACME Poetry Series. Our titles are distributed by University of Washington Press.