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D.I.Y. Print Shop with Chris Bovey

DIY Print Shop.png

Sat Sep 15  ·  7 - 9 pm

Learn to print like a pro at our D.I.Y Print Shop night with Chris Bovey — creator of the iconic Vintage Spokane Prints series. This is a free workshop, and it's also a "friend-raiser" — so you'll have the chance to purchase upgrades like t-shirts, fancy paper and extra supplies to support Spark Central (and take home some cool stuff). Either way, you'll leave with several pieces you've created yourself — and tons of new artsy skills! 

This program is free thanks to community support. No pre-registration needed!

Make a Paper Print with Chris 
Create a piece of art you can hang in your home, with expert guidance from Chris Bovey.
Upgrade option: Fancy poster paper - $5! 

Make a Printed Tea Towel
Use fruit and veggies to print a custom tea towel. 
Upgrade: extra tea towels - $5

Freezer Paper/Contact Printing on Fabric
Transfer a design you love onto fabric.
Upgrade: Tote bag - $5.

Rubber Block Print Stationery
Carve a block print stamp and use it to make your own cards.
Upgrade: Additional stamps - $5, and/or 10 extra cards to print - $5.